Songsta is Steve Marquis - composer, producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist. Songsta has written and produced music for artists, film, TV and advertising in between gigging as a freelance bassist on the Melbourne and Sydney music scenes. Writing in all styles from electronica and blues to jazz and groove, the Songsta soundscape is diverse and far-reaching.

After years of working behind the scenes, Steve Marquis embarked on the Songsta project in 2007 to produce and release his extensive back catalogue of songs produced and performed to the best of standards. With the first CD, 'Sampla', there is a taste of all the musical styles in the Songsta repertoire. The second release 'Jazzsta' explores a cool swing sound while 'Groovsta', the third release, has an acoustic roots funk 'n grooves vibe.

2015 saw the release of Bluesta which ranges form raw Delta-blues influenced sounds through to pumping band tracks. Currently underway are the Acousta and Popsta collections. After a hiatus and a worldwide pandemic, late 2023 will see the release of Acousta followed bu Popsta in 2024. Electra, Rasta and Rocksta are all in the waiting as well.




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Browse through the Songsta website to hear original music in all the different Songsta styles. Albums and tracks can be purchased from this site or Apple Music and most other on-line services.Some tracks can be downloaded for free from these pages

If you want to connect with Songsta about performing, recording or using any of any of these tunes for synchronisation purposes, contact me.

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