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The purchase function in the jukeboxes is coming soon. Meanwhile Songsta CDs and many individual tracks can be purchased from iTunes or CD Baby by following the links under the CDs below. If you can't get a song you really want from one of the CDs or on-line stores, you can contact the artist to organise a purchase directly.

  • Sampla CD

    Click to listen to Sampla. Purchase from Bandcamp or Apple Music.

    The Sampla CD features the songs; Live Love, C U Feel U Want U, Come On Come On, Get Rich Quick, Natural Thing,Sweet Surrender, Beat Me, I Love You So Much It Hurts, Who Is Responsible? Swing, From My Window, Turn The Page, Sleep, Mary's Gone Out To Lunch and Deja Vu.

  • Groovsta CD

    Click to listen to Groovsta. Purchase individual songs or the Groovsta CD from Bandcamp or Apple Music

    The Groovsta CD features the songs; Be The Jones, She Moves Me, Possessed, Cool Beer, Get Rich Quick, Put You In A Song, Natural Thing, Beat Me, Criminal, Who Is Responsible, Midnight Mood, Come On Come On and Showtime

  • Jazzsta CD

    Click to listen to Jazzsta. Purchase from  Bandcamp or purchase from Apple Music

    Enjoy smooth swingers, sublime melodies, soaring solos, swampy bar sounds and some bent humour.  The Jazzsta CD features the songs; Swing, Song For Maggie, We Met By Chance, Interference, Dirty, Dreams, 3x3, Cool Beer, and bonus live tracks Swing (original recording) and A Dream Romance (live recording).

  • Bluesta CD

    Click to listen to Bluesta. Purchase from Apple Music or Bandcamp. The Bluesta album includes a range of blues influenced styles from downright dirty to soul and soulfulness with some barbershop blues and the haunting songs of Blind Belly Cracklin mixed in as well.