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Jazzsta creates a cool swinging sound blending classic jazz elements of mighty horn arrangements, sweet soothing vocals and an exploratory daring in the musicianship.




The Jazzsta CD was released in 2007 and collects the recordings of three different groups from Byron Bay, Melbourne and Sydney, all of whom performed the Jazzsta repertoire over the course of 4 years. You'll hear some cool swinging sounds, fantastic musicians, and fine songwriting. Check out the videos page for video versions of Swing and A Dream Romance

There is a freedom of spirit, a daring to explore and take yourself into unkown territory when playing jazz. The tunes are like a sketch on canvas for the musicians to colour as their desire and the moment takes them. It's beautiful and intense music to play, write or listen to.

Some of the Jazzsta recordings you can hear on the site date from 1989-1990 when I was writing for a group we got together at Uni. This was an incredibly productive period for me. After Uni, I moved to Melbourne and found a whole new range of musicians who helped me take the songs to another level. I got some great recordings of some of those line-ups that you can also hear on the jukebox above.

These days I still play double bass with "The In Crowd", a smooth and groovy cocktail latin lounge experience. I dont write it so much any more but the old recordings stand the test of time. Hope you enjoy them.

Videos from the Jazzsta album

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